Saturday, December 20, 2008

Random Introduction to Bioinformatics

I was asked recently to recommend some introductory reading material about bioinformatics, which made me realize I haven't read enough myself. Here's what I came up with plus a few additions.

If you're into stats, both of these are highly regarded, but miles over my head.


Dr. Larry Ruzzo at UW teaches a Computational Biology course. Some of the links above are from his reading list, particularly the Sean Eddy Primer articles from Nature Biotechnology.

In winter of 2008, some UW CS grad students held a seminar course on data management issues in life sciences. In case that link doesn't stay up forever, here's some of the reading list:

Intro to Biology

Overview on biological data integration

Specific tools and techniques

Also on the subject of data: Dynamic Fusion of Web Data.

Books I wanna read

Finally, here are some books that I haven't read, will probably never get the time to read, but I wish I would read.

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