Monday, August 10, 2009

Autocompletion and Swing

I can remember being asked to implement cross-browser autocompletion in 2000 and telling my employers that it couldn't be done. We got a prototype working on Netscape (remember when that was the most advanced browser?) but it was buggy on Internet Explorer (remember when IE was the bane of every web developer's existence? Wait, some things never change...) and latency was way too high for most users. Anyway, I didn't last long in that gig, but I still think that for practical purposes at the time I was right. Of course, things are different now.

Type something into Google or Amazon's search box and you'll get a nice drop-down list of possible completions. For a biological example, check out NCBI's BLAST. Make sure the database chooser reads "Nucleotide collection" and start typing "Pyrococcus". Nice, huh?

Several ways to give poor abandoned Swing an autocompleting upgrade are documented in a article. Sadly, they all seem to suffer from one deficiency or another.

The JIDE common layer an open source library that spun out of Jide's commercial offerings seems to be the most stable, but isn't nearly as convenient as the javascript versions. GlazedLists does a nice job, but it's currently (still) broken on OS X. Out of the solutions I found, GlazedLists seems most promising, especially if that bug gets fixed.

I also checkout out the Substance Java look & feel. It looks really sharp. The developer has done some really slick transitions -- highlights that fade in and out or components that expand like icons on OS X's dock. It's probably great on Windows, but unfortunately, it didn't seem very stable on the Mac.

There should be some good lessons to be learned from the failure of Swing. It seems apparent that several developers who are a lot smarter than me have tried to get Swing to cough up a decent UI. The results seem to be consistently limited. Not that some aren't impressive; they are. But the limits to the success of some very good developers speaks very loudly.

More attempts...

  • AutoCompleteCombo by Exterminator13 (haha) -
    Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1
     at java.util.ArrayList.get(
     at dzone.AutoCompleteCombo$Model.getElementAt(
  • An autocomplete popup by Pierre Le Lannic, which seems to work as long as you don't care about upper case.
  • Java2sAutoTextField from Sun

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