Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Javascript style objects in Python

As I've gotten older and crankier, one of the things I've gotten cranky about is Object Oriented Programming. Sometimes, it seems like rigid class hierarchies just get in the way. Sure, it's cool that the compiler can prove type-safety properties about your program, but whether the boilerplate is worth the benefit is situation dependent. When it just has to work once, coding for maintenance is a poor investment - quick-n-dirty is the way to go.

I've found class hierarchies in dynamic scripting languages to be especially unnecessary. Why use a language where you're not supposed to worry about typing to build elaborate user-defined type hierarchies?

In those quick-n-dirty scenarios, what I want is a big stinking bag of properties. Ideally, I don't care whether the values are data or functions. In other words, just like it's done in Javascript.

Here's one way to get something like that, in Python:

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